Taylor’s fashion session in Virginia Beach’s Town Center.

As any photographer or model in the area can attest to, it’s not really the best time of the year to shoot outside. It’s cold, it’s cloudy, it rains A LOT, et cetera. So when a day comes along where it’s decent outside, we jump at the chance.  When I saw this particular day coming on the weather forecast, I knew it was time to team up with Taylor.

Taylor is a relative newcomer to the modeling scene but brings a lot to the table. To say that she’s stunning is a severe understatement but it’s her attitude that makes her unstoppable. She has the drive, wants to learn, has an open mind, and is just about fearless. She wants to work in fashion and beauty.

taylors-fashion session-town-center 3

So I went into teaching mode. Each photographer has a different way of working. I know my way goes against what others ask for but I like to think that’s why my images are a bit different. I do my best to show them what I’m looking for and why I ask them to do it. They catch on quick and then it’s off to the races.

We kept it light and fun as we did our thing. No radical lighting or extreme set-ups. Just her, me, and my camera. She was able to pull off several looks and moods with ease. There was a dance competition/model call going on in the theater and, at one point, I told her to turn around and look. There were several little faces pressed against the glass watching her as she did her thing. I thought it was cute as all hell.

taylors-fashion session-town-center 8

The wind was up a little that day. I believe that, given the conditions of the session, we can try to fight against it or use it. We decided, with her long hair, to use it. I love it when we introduce movement into a shot as it adds an extra jolt of youthful energy to the image. A billowing skirt or long hair being swept aside by the wind does just that.

So does jumping. Anyone who can jump while wearing heels and land safely gets two gold stars in my book. Taylor was able to pull it off with seeming ease.


taylors-fashion session-town-center 16

This was our first full session together. I find that, once you work with someone, the second time is always stronger as you have gotten past the first time jitters. We have a better understanding of how the other person works and what they are looking for. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next.

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