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Jessica Magary’s recent beach portrait session in Virginia Beach.

Two milestones achieved in one epic session.

When one gets a new camera and wants to kick off version 3.0 of your photographic career the right way, there was only one logical choice for a subject and location. Jessica Magary on the beach. It’s almost impossible to match up schedules, but when we do, it’s glorious.

As one famous movie character once said “We goes along like peas and carrots.” You can see images from several previous sessions on this page by using the search feature.

jessica-magary-sunrise-virginia-beach 3

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Throwback Thursday – November 5th edition

Today’s #tbt image proves that you have to be willing to take risks to get a great shot.

I love holding photo sessions at a beach. That is a secret to no one. I have no problem taking chances in order to get something magical. That is also a secret to no one. It is not unusual to find me neck deep in the water, camera in hand, trying to manage an off-camera flash all in an effort to capture that one shot that will elevate my craft.

Take these images of Annabel here, for example. We had set a time and date to do a beach session at sunset at Frist Landing. The weather, however, decided it didn’t want to co-operate. It was mostly cloudy when we started and it quickly went downhill from there.

Annabel-Lee-Williams-portrait-session 2

Annabel rocking her portrait session after a thunderstorm at First Landing State Park.


This image of Annabel rocking her portrait session was taken minutes after the first one, after the sun started to break free of the clouds.

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Carrie Ellis’s first beach session at First Landing – Part II.

Why you should know about “The Basic 6” before a session.

Well, here it is – the much anticipated second half of images from my recent session with the stellar Carrie Ellis. The session went so well that I had to break the set up into two parts to give it justice. I honestly can’t wait to go again as her and I hit it off so well.

In the previous entry I talked about how outfits can make or break a session. In that one I talked about how pre-planning helped immensely as I knew exactly what she was bringing and could plan for certain shots beforehand. Here I want to broach another area of outfits. I call them The Basic 6.

Carrie-Ellis-beach-session 42

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Jaymor Paul’s fitness session at First Landing.

My goal is to show that fitness comes in many forms and covers all ages.

Jaymor is a natural pro bodybuilder, men’s physique competitor, and fitness model based out of North Carolina. Currently he’s prepping for the Brooklyn Grand Prix on October 3rd. When he contacted me about a session I had only one question – when was the soonest he could do it? He replied back immediately and we set it up.

I love working with anyone on a journey of self improvement. I can’t think of a better way to document their progress and success when they reach their goal. Numbers on a paper are nice but the proof, as they (and I) say, is in the pictures. It doesn’t matter to me if the person is going for a fitness title of some sort or trying to extend their lifespan, wrestle a medical condition under control, or just to lose some extra weight. Each person is a winner and I want to work with them.

Jaymore Paul fitness session

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My first session with the stunning DeeAna Barilics.

Working with the Virginia Beach model and how my sessions typically go.

DeeAna and I recently teamed up to do a beach portrait session at First Landing in Virginia Beach. She is a local model figuratively getting her feet wet in the scene which means it’s only fitting that she get her feet wet literally with me. A beach session gave us several different “looks” that she could add to her portfolio.

People ask me why I like starting some time before sunset for these sessions. The answer is simple for a variety of reasons.

DeeAna Barilics First Landing portrait session Mark Knopp

DeeAna Barilic’s recent portrait session at First Landing State Park by Mark Knopp

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Jessica Magary’s recent beach portrait session at First Landing State Park, Virginia

This woman makes my All-Star list of people to work with and a truth about modeling.

Hands down. No second thought. No further consideration needed. Jessica is, by far, one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I’ve told her numerous times that she should be living and working in New York City.

Beauty is a given. Books could be written about her splendor. What makes her stand out, in my opinion is her work ethic and her attitude. She is always on time and is always prepared. She knows how to move and how to work the set. She is always open to suggestions on poses or can work her thing and let the photographer do theirs.

Jessica Magary's beach portrait session at first landing state park by mark knopp

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