Amira’s fashion and beauty session.

Yes, you read that right. She’s out of the gym clothes and crushing it hard.

Gym owner. Power lifter. Trainer. Mom. Amira, who is no stranger to my camera, is a lot of things. I’ve admired her from the very first moment I met her. She simply blows me away with her drive, passion, and beauty. But there’s been a bit of a friendly battle between us all these years.

amira fashion beauty 2

I’ve always said that she would be amazing in an fashion/beauty shoot. She would always laugh, look away, and tell me to shut up.

amira fashion beauty 1


Well, over time, she slowly warmed up to the idea. The outpouring of support and love for her recent fitness fashion shoot might have finally tipped the scales to my favor as she reached out to me to do a head shot session a few weeks ago. She even said she was going to get her hair and makeup done. I was, for a moment, stunned completely silent. After a few moments to recover, and pick my jaw up off the floor, we started to make plans.

amira fashion beauty 3

When the day of the session came around, I arrived at the shoot location to find her sitting in a makeup chair, like she has always belonged there, being worked on by Kettren Wett  and Courtney Thomas.


amira fashion beauty 4After a few words, I began to set up the lights and gear in another room. We timed it perfectly as i had just finished my prep when she rounded the corner, all done up and in a black dress.

amira fashion beauty 5

Now, it goes without saying that she is a badass. She just exudes it naturally. But to see her in a dress, with perfect hair and make-up, took me aback a bit. This person in front of me was a perfect amalgamation of brains, beauty and the aforementioned badassery. I knew right then and there that this was going to be epic.

amira fashion beauty 6

What a session. Two dresses and a snakeskin shirt/jean outfit later, I was just scraping the surface of what she was capable of. My only regret was that, given the size of the space we were in, I couldn’t get back far enough to do full body shots. The weather outside wasn’t cooperating, either. After she looked over the images on the back of my camera, we agreed that we would do it again. This time it would be outside when the weather was nicer.

I, personally, can’t wait.

I want to end this with another shout out to Kettren Wett  and Courtney Thomas for their amazing work. Thank you both :-).

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