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A peek of what’s in the works.

Stay tuned for more from this session and others.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia-Beach-based portrait photographer and photography teacher that covers the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net for all your photographic needs.



Kristin Bauer is today’s #TBT

This central New York model was instrumental in making me who I am today as a portrait photographer.

There are those that, if they get to you early enough in your life, can mold and shape you into a better, stronger self. Kristin is one of those people. Because of her, i am what i am today in terms of who i am, how I work and my style.

We met up just as I decided to become a portrait photographer. I knew what I wanted to do and I had a good grasp of the photographic basics but I was terribly inexperienced when it came to working with people. In fact I had practically no experience in the matter whatsoever. I was the proverbial babe lost in the woods.

Kristin Bauer sunset oswego

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