Lindsey’s fashion photo session in Town Center.

She was visiting from Texas, wanted to reconnect, and get some new images done.

Lindsey and I have been friends since 2008 and we’ve done several sessions over the years. She moved to the Lone Star State a few years ago but we’ve remained in touch and we try to meet up whenever she visits. The stars aligned during her most recent one so we did our thing.

Since she was traveling light we were limited to what she could fit in her overnight bag. She is 100% a country girl so we decided to do a riff on that by shooting in Town Center. Sorta the “country girl in the big city” kinda thing.

More images after the break.The thing I love the most about her, besides her killer eyes, is that she doesn’t take herself seriously. She’s a goofball through and through. We’d be doing some high end look with her giving me the “model” expression and then suddenly she breaks out into this glorious smile or makes a face which always gets me laughing. Which makes her laugh and now we’re both laughing.

Case in point. These two images right here that were shot back to back.

I loathe discussing the following topic but I feel the need to address the obvious because I know there will be some flap about it. No, she is not the “standard” fashion model. So what? Women come in all shapes and sizes. So do their outfits. That’s what makes this whole thing fun.


My drive has always been to show the beauty of everything and everyone. I do not limit my scope to some narrow subset of the human race. We are all magical creatures that deserve to be recognized as such. Tall, not tall, thin, curvy, young, older, Caucasian, African American, Asian, et cetera.

And so should their fashion. Can a woman look at these images, think that skirt is cute and can see themselves wearing it? Game over, my friend. What about those jeans, that top? That’s a nice necklace, isn’t it?

This extends to my post production work. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I don’t do a lot of editing on my images. Well, to be honest, that’s not true. I do indeed edit the images. Just not in the areas you’d expect.

I don’t erase what it is that makes us unique and human. Like freckles or skin texture. It’s not my style. I also don’t enhance anything that cant be enhanced with poses, outfits or light. My goal during all of this is to capture the person in the best possible way being them.

Like Lindsey here rocking out with her bad, sassy, sometimes goofy, self. It was so infectious that passer-byes smiled as they continued past. Some paused for a moment to watch before moving on.

I can’t wait for her return.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him at mknopp1(at) with any questions you might have or to book your session today.

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