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Lindsey’s fashion photo session in Town Center.

She was visiting from Texas, wanted to reconnect, and get some new images done.

Lindsey and I have been friends since 2008 and we’ve done several sessions over the years. She moved to the Lone Star State a few years ago but we’ve remained in touch and we try to meet up whenever she visits. The stars aligned during her most recent one so we did our thing.

Since she was traveling light we were limited to what she could fit in her overnight bag. She is 100% a country girl so we decided to do a riff on that by shooting in Town Center. Sorta the “country girl in the big city” kinda thing.

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Happy New Year, my friends.

2016 was great, 2017 will be even better.

Happy New Year, my friends. As I sit here reflecting on 2016, I realized it was actually amazing.

This was the busiest year I’ve had, photographically, in a long time. Between the portrait side, the boudoir side and the Women of Power project that I shot I have filled hard drives full of images. Last time I looked there were 50 folders of images generated in 2016.

A quick count shows that I worked with over 30 new people that I never worked with before. That’s amazing to me. I did my first ever couples boudoir session and my first transgender boudoir session. I can’t wait to do more. I developed new styles like Luminous, Light Side, Dark Side, Form, etc. I also started to publicize private and small group photo lessons.

2017 is shaping up to be even better. I’ve put out a Couples session promo and a Valentine’s Day boudoir promo. Check those out. I’ve recently purchases new props that are already being used and working out really well. I’m also working on a small studio space here for headshots, fitness, fashion, beauty, etc., when the weather isn’t co-operating.

Finally, I’m heading back to school to finish a degree that I started way back in 2004 but had to stop due to financial reasons. This will open up a whole new world of new images as I work on school projects.

So, for those that helped me be as successful as I was in 2016 I humbly, deeply thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you. Now hold on to your hats for 2017.



Something I’m working on. Won’t you join me?

Introducing my “Power” project and making a plea.

I’ve been quiet here on social media lately and for that I apologize. I am still shooting but now I’m shooting for two reasons which has taken up the majority of my free time.

I’m still continuing my commercial work, don’t worry about that. As a matter of fact I will be updating this place with new images from recent sessions with Severine Bertrat and Jessica Magary – both familiar faces here. I will also be introducing you to Elizabeth as she literally dips her toes into the world of modeling. Stay tuned for those images.

The past few weeks I’ve also been working on a separate project, one that I’m calling “Power”. This projects is about women with what some would consider “non-typical” roles/skills for their gender. Once you get passed that pre-conceived notion, however, you quickly learn that these roles/skills come about from specific events in their past or needs that they fulfill. The overall theme, though, is that these roles/skills empower them in unique ways and make them stronger.


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And now, time for something completely different.

I get asked all the time if I do other forms of photography other than portraits.

Yes, most certainly. As this blog is geared for my portrait business it makes perfect sense to showcase just that avenue of work here. But there are other worlds that I like to explore. Portraits feed my soul, there  no doubt. However, like eating just one thing, no matter how wonderful it is, having just that one thing all the time would kill a person. In this case, artistically.

So I have other avenues that I work in to re-center myself. They keep me fresh, energized and they break up the routine. Flowers are one thing, landscapes another. My deepest roots go back to photojournalism – working at newspapers to cover events. That has fallen to the way-side but I still enjoy covering events like sports and such.

Another thing that brings me peace is shooting artwork for other artists. Let me explain. Artists like painters and sculptors create their body of work. I come into their art space and document their work for their own records, for them to use to enter art shows, submit to gallery curators, et cetera.

deale 1

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