Jessica’s Second Maternity Fashion Session.

It has been an amazing journey with her.

Normally I would write a long essay about this session. A little something on the concept, the person, the location, the tech side of things, et cetera. Today I want to keep it short and sweet so that the attention is given to the images and the journey I’ve had with this remarkable woman.

Jessica was one of the first people I ever worked with after I moved here. In fact, it will be 10 years ago this fall that we first teamed up. I can still remember that session as there was a storm over the ocean that provided an amazing backdrop for us.

We have managed to get together two, three, or more times every year since then and each time was amazing. She brought the best out of me during our sessions and my growth is directly related to them and her.

She was the last person I worked with before I moved to Florida. When I moved back here in 2018, and I decided I wanted to get back into the game, she was the first person I reached out to.

So, here we are today. So much has changed in the past 10 years but some things has been consistent. She has always been the consummate professional by being ready for anything with a smile on her face. She gracefully interprets my vague ideas into a stunning reality. She still rocks my world every time she steps in front of the camera and she remains a truly great friend.

I can’t thank you enough, Jessica. It’s been an honor to know you, work with you, and watch what you have become. You’ve been nothing but a joy to be with and work with. I’m a better photographer but a much better person because of you.

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