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Kristin Bauer is my WCW for today.

You know the saying about the right people will show up in your life exactly when you need them? Kristin is one of those people.

We are going back to the beginning of my portrait career for this one. I won’t mention how long we’ve known each other but it’s been a while. I was a newbie to the game, a babe in the woods. I didn’t know what I wanted or how to do a thing. I just knew I wanted to be a portrait photographer.

She was a known NYC runway and fashion model who, from what I can tell, took pity on me as I had nothing to offer her in terms of quality images. She was born and raised in my area and would come home to visit from time to time. We linked up whenever she did.


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Throwback Thursday images 10/29/15

Images from a beach sunrise session that hasn’t been published before.

Today’s Throwback Thursday image is from a series of images that I would consider some of my best work ever. They are part of a group that I’m most proud of as an artist. The combination of pose, light, composition, movement, et cetera, elevates them to a higher level. After I hang up my camera for good, when I look back at my overall career, these images will stand out as pinnacles of personal achievements.

sunrise beach portrait session at virginia beach sunrise beach portrait session at virginia beach 1