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Welcoming Summer 2017 Sessions.

It’s time to head outdoors and create unique images that will be cherished for generations.

Yep, it’s time to take the show on the road. Time to hit local and regional locations to use as backdrops for your portrait session. While I love working inside, the great outdoors appeals to me in so many different ways. We use the power of different environments to add depth to a scene and to inspire us as we work.

Most importantly, we use it to awe the viewers when it’s all said and done.

sarah-and-jordans-engagement-session 19

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Brittany and Dalton’s engagement session at First Landing.

He literally went the extra mile to propose to her.

Britany and Dalton are a fun couple. They reached out to me to photograph their engagement photos but they warned me they were looking for something a little different. They had me at “different.”

I’ll let Britany explain:

I’ve loved to run since I was 14. It’s a part of my life. Dalton has always hated running and would never go with me. I attempted to get him to go with me at least once a week.

brittany-dalton-engage,ent-session-first-landing 4

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Tis the season.

The season for love.

Sweetheart/Engagement sssion promotion

Still looking for the perfect gift for a friend or yourself?

How about the gift of photography lessons?

Tis the season, my friends. People scrambling around, fighting traffic, standing in long lines at the check-out lines, et cetera. All for something that might not fit or they might already have two or three of.

Might I offer up a suggestion that would never be returned and can be used for a lifetime? I’m talking about the gift of photography lessons. I am a professional photographer with almost 30 years of experience in most fields of photography. I’m also a college photography instructor with over nine years of teaching experience at two and four year institutions. I also offer private, one-on-one lessons.

I teach everything from how to get better images from your cell phone, intro to photography, photo composition, gear, basic lighting, et cetera. We then move up the scale up through special topics like working on location, sports/action, wedding, nature/ladscape photography, portraits, advanced lighting techniques, food, table-top product, working with models, off-camera flash, and such.


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Let’s rock, people.

Coming back to Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

Today is my last full day in central NY. Three weeks flew by so fast.

Heads up, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. I’m re-energized and inspired to try new ideas. I’ll be back tomorrow and ready to rock out more sunset, fitness, fashion, beauty, urban, nutrition, Power, headshots, senior portraits, couples, engagement, small weddings, bridal, maternity, baby bonding, and boudoir/nudoir sessions. I am proud and thrilled to announce the return of the popular sunRISE sessions for those looking for something different.

I also provide small group and one on one photography classes covering all aspects of the genre from a beginner wanting to learn how to take better pictures with their cell phones on up to advanced topics like lighting, sports, portraits, working on location, off-camera flash, social media and much more.

Let’s rock.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton roads community. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net for you photographic needs or for photography lessons.


Carrie Ellis’s first beach session at First Landing – Part II.

Why you should know about “The Basic 6” before a session.

Well, here it is – the much anticipated second half of images from my recent session with the stellar Carrie Ellis. The session went so well that I had to break the set up into two parts to give it justice. I honestly can’t wait to go again as her and I hit it off so well.

In the previous entry I talked about how outfits can make or break a session. In that one I talked about how pre-planning helped immensely as I knew exactly what she was bringing and could plan for certain shots beforehand. Here I want to broach another area of outfits. I call them The Basic 6.

Carrie-Ellis-beach-session 42

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Jaymor Paul’s fitness session at First Landing.

My goal is to show that fitness comes in many forms and covers all ages.

Jaymor is a natural pro bodybuilder, men’s physique competitor, and fitness model based out of North Carolina. Currently he’s prepping for the Brooklyn Grand Prix on October 3rd. When he contacted me about a session I had only one question – when was the soonest he could do it? He replied back immediately and we set it up.

I love working with anyone on a journey of self improvement. I can’t think of a better way to document their progress and success when they reach their goal. Numbers on a paper are nice but the proof, as they (and I) say, is in the pictures. It doesn’t matter to me if the person is going for a fitness title of some sort or trying to extend their lifespan, wrestle a medical condition under control, or just to lose some extra weight. Each person is a winner and I want to work with them.

Jaymore Paul fitness session

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