Jessica and Tim’s maternity session.

Jessica Magary and I have history together. We first worked together back in the fall of 2011. I can still remember that session. There was Jess in these beautiful outfits, this amazing light, and an powerful storm over the ocean that we used as a backdrop.

Those were some game changing images but that, I was to find out, was the norm whenever we teamed up. Every single time we joined energies, it elevated the both of us. We pushed each other and grew exponentially. There are only a handful of people that I can say that truly molded me into what I am today as a photographer and Jess would be one of them.

jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 1

So, naturally, when she approached me for a special session recently, I said yes before she could finish her sentence. She laughed and then floored me.

She wanted to do a maternity session with her husband Jeff.

jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 2

Right off the bat I knew I had to elevate my game again. Now don’t get me wrong, I custom tailor every session for each person and their ideals. There is no cookie cutter routines for a session. My images here speak to that.

This, however, took that to another level. These people are near and dear to me so this was something that I wanted to get right. Something that would encapsulate this magical time for them. Something that incorporated their love and my way of seeing things.

jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 3

A fashion maternity session concept was born.

She suggested The Narrows as the location and we agreed to an early start time to use the light to it’s best advantage. As always she put up with my crazy suggestions and they were both so patient as I tried to nail the lighting and posing down for each situation. I can be a stickler for that, tbh. I much rather get it right in the camera than rely on post production to make a bland image better.

jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 5

The resulting images speak for themselves. They represent a new look for me with lighting and editing which, I gotta say, we are thrilled with. Something that we will be pursuing further very soon.

Mark Knopp is a Hampton, Virginia-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads/Richmond communities. Contact him today at mknopp1(at) to book your session today.

jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 6jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 7jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 8jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 9jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 10jessica-and-tim's-maternity-photo-session 11

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