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Jessica Magary’s recent beach portrait session in Virginia Beach.

Two milestones achieved in one epic session.

When one gets a new camera and wants to kick off version 3.0 of your photographic career the right way, there was only one logical choice for a subject and location. Jessica Magary on the beach. It’s almost impossible to match up schedules, but when we do, it’s glorious.

As one famous movie character once said “We goes along like peas and carrots.” You can see images from several previous sessions on this page by using the search feature.

jessica-magary-sunrise-virginia-beach 3

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Jessica Magary is my first ever Woman Crush Wednesday.

She was the first professional model I worked with after moving to Virginia.

I honestly can’t remember exactly how I first met Jessica Magary (https://www.facebook.com/jessica.magary). I think it was on a group shoot where a bunch of photographers get together with a bunch of models and worked with everyone for a little bit. I’m not sure. But somehow we did meet up and we agreed to do a solo session together. I even remember the date and location – September 28th, 2011 at First Landing State Park.

Now, mind you I was new to the area. I was living in Williamsburg and teaching but really hadn’t gotten into the local scene yet. I was still refining my off-camera flash skills, didn’t know the Virginia Beach area at all, and was looking for someone to work with to get my skills down.

In walks Miss Jessica. Her and her mom were super nice and understanding. We talked about rescheduling the session as there was supposed to be a storm.

jessica-magary-woman-crush-wednesday 20

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Jessica Magary’s beach sunrise session in Virginia Beach.

The return of the legend.

There are a certain few people that I would gladly work with every week as the images are always game changing. These people raise my game by a magnitude of 10. Our combined energy makes us invincible and fearless which results in stunning images.

Jessica Magary is such a person.

It’s nearly impossible to match up our schedules so when an opportunity arises, we jump at it. Recently the heavens aligned just so allowing us to team up once again.

jessica-magary-beach-sunrise-session-mark-knopp 8

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Still kicking.

I’m still alive. Stay tuned for new images real soon.

Been fighting some kind of condition with my digestion these past 2 weeks. It’s slowed me down but nothing can really stop me. Here’s a hint of things to come real soon.


Jessica Magary’s return engagement.

My annual session with Jessica marks the start of the summer season.

Some things denote the start of a season. For example, strawberries in the field, the return of the red-wing blackbird, lilies blooming, are a few examples of the arrival of warmer weather. One of my favorite personal signs is my annual photo session with the sublime Jessica Magary.

Jessica and I have a long, storied history. We’ve worked together for over five years in some of the most extreme situations I’ve been in. There have been times where we were literally staring potential death in the face and continued to work. Thunderstorms with devastating wind, rain, and lightning at the ocean front? Pish. Been there, done that, and literally wrote a book on it. Went back for more, as a matter of fact.

jessica_magary_portrait_session_mark_knopp 12

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A sneak peek into what’s in the works and my upcoming trip to Upstate NY.

I’ll be home and looking to do photo sessions from June 27 until July 8th.

It’s been a crazy, crazy past few weeks with both shooting my normal stuff and images for my “Power” project. I’ve been a bit naughty in not keeping this as up to date as I should have. Forgive me.

I want to take a moment to let my upstate NY people know that I’ve already sat down and written out my availability calendar to plan sessions with while I’m up there.

As of right now I will only be shooting from June 27th until July 8th. Spots are already being filled. July 2nd at sunset is booked, all day the 3rd, as is the 4th at sunrise. Other days will be taken off the availability list as soon as I lean about family gatherings and such.


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Throwback Thursday for December 10.

Today we’re going sailing with the beautiful Jessica Magary.

Any time I get a chance to do something different I’ll jump. When the opportunity came up to do a photography class on a sailboat, I practically leaped out of my skin. Having the divine Jessica Magary come aboard was the proverbial icing on my cake.

So, after taking two different kinds of motion sickness pills and chowing down ginger snaps, we all climbed aboard and cast off. The class broke down into smaller groups and worked several different scenarios with me acting as a consultant. They were getting great images.

I had one image in my head that I wanted to try. So, after everyone had their fill, I ventured out to the prow of the boat and laid down. Jessica and fellow model Dameon Rhoades  got into position. Once everything was right, everyone not being used went below deck or ducked so they wouldn’t be in the background.

The result is what you see here. A special shout out goes to Donna DeSteph for allowing a bunch of land lubbers aboard her fine vessel.

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting a new set of images from a recent session tomorrow.