Charity Luce’s fashion photoshoot in Virginia Beach’s Town Center.

Kicking off 2019 right with a fashion photoshoot on New Year’s Day.

Yes, it’s early January. Yes, we can still shoot outside. One thing I always do this time of year is keep an eye on the weather forecast. When I see a spike in the temps coming along, I immediately think about doing an outdoor photo session. Such was the case with my recent photoshoot with Charity Luce.

I knew I made the right decision at the very start of the shoot. As we were setting up the first photo on the stairs, Charity turned to me and said “I’ve always wanted to do a photo like this – me going up the stairs in a gown.” Well, I thought, let’s make sure we get the shot.


And we did – along with several others during the session. Several times during our time together I pointed out to here that no matter where we were, there was always a group of onlookers watching.

At one point when she was in the peach dress, I had this sensation that someone was behind me. Charity, being the pro that she is, made no indication of such. So I stood up and turned around. There, not 15 feet behind me, was a middle aged couple sitting on a bench, huddled close to each other, watching us with smiles on their faces. They said they were just amazed by the beauty of the whole thing and wanted to watch. That really made us all feel wonderful.

It got cold soon after the sun went down so we called it. I didn’t want to as the whole thing was a smashing success. We got several new “looks” for our portfolios. I also consoled myself to the fact that there will be other warm days coming up.

So, if you see a spike in the temperature coming up in the forecast, you know what I’m thinking.

Mark Knopp is a Hampton, Virginia-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads/Richmond communities. Contact him today for your session.

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