Fashion session in Richmond with CeCe Smalls and Jen Marie Portalatin.

We teamed up at the Canal Walk Murals as part of a group meet-up with Creatives Society of Virginia

What can I say? I simply can’t resist a fashion shoot, especially if it’s in Richmond with people I adore.

I had just finished up a private session in RVA when I received an invite from CeCe Smalls to join her, Jen Marie Portalatin, and others from Creatives Society of Virginia at Richmond’s Canal Walk Murals.

We didn’t have much time as the event was winding down plus I was spent from the previous session but we still got some outstanding images against the colorful murals and surrounding area. CeCe and I even got in our “goofy face” shot.

The average temperature in Hampton right now is 53 degrees and climbing fast. Daylight Savings Time starts in 29 days with spring starting 8 days after that. Nicer weather means more sessions outside.

I can’t wait.

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