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Jinelle’s portrait session at First Landing.

Conformity is the enemy.

I have known Jinelle for a while now. She’s a fashion model in the local scene but I know her as she was part of my Power project over a year ago. We’ve remained in contact since then. She is a budding photography enthusiast and has been taking lessons to improve her imagery and editing skills.

She is a Renaissance woman. She works on her own truck, does woodworking, and goes camping almost every weekend among other things. She’s also, at almost six feet tall and in great shape, a classic beauty. There is no doubt in my mind that, if she was alive at the time, she would have been a model for a sculptor like Michelangelo.


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A peek of what’s in the works.

Stay tuned for more from this session and others.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia-Beach-based portrait photographer and photography teacher that covers the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net for all your photographic needs.



Tis the season.

Very limited available spaces.

holiday special

Kristin Bauer’s Health Coach fitness session.

The trick to doing this job well is to make it look like anyone can do it when really only you can do it.

I would say that the biggest challenge any professional photographer faces today is the thought that anyone with a camera, hell a cell phone camera even, can do our job just as well as those that have been doing it for many years. So many people look at our work, think it’s easy to get the same results, and don’t hire a pro.

Now, this is not an entry where I bash those with cell phone cameras or do it for fun on the weekends. Not at all. Heck, I even offer photo classes where people can learn how to get better images from the cell phones or point and shoots.

This is, however, an entry to show that there is a lot more that goes into a “simple” photo session. Let me take you on a rare, behind the scenes, look into my world behind the camera.



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Jennifer Pascual’s first beach portrait session.

Time’s starting to run out for your beach portrait session.

I know some of you are wondering what’s up as I never post new work on a Monday afternoon. Well, truth be told, I’ve been slacking on publishing new work lately as this is my busy season with photo sessions, teaching classes at college, and various other reasons. For this I humbly apologize and offer up this rare treat to correct this.

Another reason literally hit me in my face when I took Oscar out for his first walk this morning. As soon as I stepped out I could feel a distinct change in the air. It was significantly cooler than the past month or so and a lot less humid. I was, to be honest, a little chilled.

A quick look at the calendar pointed out the obvious – it’s late august. Labor Day is just two weeks away.


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Throwback Thursday – November 5th edition

Today’s #tbt image proves that you have to be willing to take risks to get a great shot.

I love holding photo sessions at a beach. That is a secret to no one. I have no problem taking chances in order to get something magical. That is also a secret to no one. It is not unusual to find me neck deep in the water, camera in hand, trying to manage an off-camera flash all in an effort to capture that one shot that will elevate my craft.

Take these images of Annabel here, for example. We had set a time and date to do a beach session at sunset at Frist Landing. The weather, however, decided it didn’t want to co-operate. It was mostly cloudy when we started and it quickly went downhill from there.

Annabel-Lee-Williams-portrait-session 2

Annabel rocking her portrait session after a thunderstorm at First Landing State Park.


This image of Annabel rocking her portrait session was taken minutes after the first one, after the sun started to break free of the clouds.

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Anna’s recent beach portrait session at First Landing State Park

She came as an assistant to a previous session, saw what it was all about, and wanted one of her own. Welcome to The Model Experience.

There seems to be a misconception that I only work with models. Nothing can be further than the truth. I work with anyone who voices an interest in a session. Sometimes it would be with a model, yes, but the vast majority of the time I work with everyday people. People that just wanted some nice pictures done of themselves for various reasons.

It is my job, however, to bring out their best features and make them shine – to make everyone look like they could be models. I think that’s where the confusion occurs. I like to call this The Model Experience. In this kind of session the person gets to experience what it’s like to be a model. They get doted on, pampered, and generally get treated like they are the center of the universe during their session. After it’s over they also have awesome images to show to family and friends.

anna's-first-landing-portrait-session 7

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