Six Reasons Why Everyone Needs Professional Portraits.

Staff photos of the Vanity by Amy crew.

Why do I need a professional portrait done? Well, sit down and let me tell you as there’s several reasons.

-A professional business portrait adds credibility. Having the right headshot says a lot about who you are. First impressions are lasting and they don’t always happen in person. If your prospective client’s first impression of you comes from the business portrait on your website, will that be a positive thing?

-When you visit a social media website like LinkedIn or Facebook to look up a colleague, potential client or employer, or an old friend, what is it you look for and what do you actually see when you get there? For most people, it’s usually the profile picture, avatar, or “bio pic” that first draws your attention.

-It establishes your brand. Whether you are a lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, ink artisan, essential oil guru, etc., you need to have a brand that is cohesive across all of your platforms. Amy, the owner of Vanity by Amy has a vision of her brand and we strive for that with every session. From the lighting to the poses to the outfits and all the rest.

-Stand out from the crowd. If you want to be a professional you need to look like a professional. A cell phone quality picture as a profile picture, just doesn’t cut it. Think about it, would you go to a job interview with a crumpled up résumé?

-It’s a huge confidence boost. Most people make a day of it where they get their hair and make-up done. Then, when they’re looking and feeling their best, they get a picture documenting the look and the day by a person that knows how to show them off with lighting and poses.

Six reasons why everyone needs professional portraits

-A professional portrait session is the perfect way to celebrate a particular moment in your life. It’s ideal for commemorating your graduation, whether high school or college graduation, a promotion at work, a milestone birthday, wedding, divorce, et cetera. It celebrates all that you have worked for and achieved.

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