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Danielle’s Fitness Session in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

She was in final prep for a local fitness competition plus she wanted to honor her mom.

Danielle was the second person involved in my latest duo super session, along with her friend Shelley. These are her images and story.

I love helping people see themselves in a new light. I truly believe we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our self image. When we look at ourselves in the bathroom mirror at 7 am all we see are the “flaws” and “issues.” We never see the truth, the good.

danille-virginia-beach-fitness-session 8

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Welcoming Summer 2017 Sessions.

It’s time to head outdoors and create unique images that will be cherished for generations.

Yep, it’s time to take the show on the road. Time to hit local and regional locations to use as backdrops for your portrait session. While I love working inside, the great outdoors appeals to me in so many different ways. We use the power of different environments to add depth to a scene and to inspire us as we work.

Most importantly, we use it to awe the viewers when it’s all said and done.

sarah-and-jordans-engagement-session 19

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Welcoming Spring back to Virginia Beach.

It’s been far too long since we last met. Here’s what’s in the works for the upcoming season.

In celebration of the death of Winter I’m posting some of the greatest hits from last year’s sessions. It is only a matter of time before we can head back outside and create even more magical images. I am not the same photographer that I was last season. I’ve grown skill-wise and want to stretch and use the new photographic muscles

On a personal level, I’m celebrating the impending arrival of a studio backdrop and other equipment in an effort to rebuild a small studio space at my place. I used to have one when I lived in upstate NY but it got destroyed in the move.

Having this small studio will allow me to create more fine art style images as well as fitness images, headshots, fashion and such. Recent forays into short video has shown a potential new route for me to take and this space will help with that. It also will become a default “Plan B” in case bad weather ruins a location session.

So, the future is looking bright. I hope you join me as I explore and grow.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia-Beach-based portrait photographer and teacher that covers the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him today at mknopp1(at) for all your photographic needs.

Jasmyne’s fashion session in Virginia Beach’s Town Center.

Preparation and planning are paramount to the success of a session.

Jasmyne and her team recently reached out to me in regards to getting her modeling career started. We had long discussions about what genres/areas she wanted to be involved with and what would be involved to get there. We then created a plan to build a photo portfolio showing off those aspects. Of course these things take time to create so we broke it down further to focus on just urban fashion in Town Center for our first session.

She sent me pictures of the outfits she thought would work for such a session and I gave my input. With a plan in place she then set up times with a hair stylist and make-up artist to polish off the total look we were going after. I can’t stress enough how important these things are as they are the icing on the proverbial cake. Every detail has to be in place.

jasmyne-fashion-session-virginia-beach 9

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Tis the season.

Very limited available spaces.

holiday special

Raven Johnson’s sunset portrait session in Oswego, NY.

Some images are NSFW.

Raven Johnson. Damn. Our first session together during a sunset session on the shores of Lake Ontario was so amazing we immediately decided to get together the next morning for a sunrise session at Oneida Lake. It was that amazing.

This is a short entry as I fully plan on writing a more complete entry based on images from that magical second session. Rest assured, I will be gushing praise about this extraordinary woman for a long time.

raven-johnson-portrait-session-mark-knopp 9

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Vivian Elizabeth’s graffiti and beach portrait session in Oswego, NY.

She had been on my list of people I wanted to work with for a long time.

While I moved to Virginia eight years ago, I still keep tabs on my hometown of Oswego, NY and the surrounding communities. I have a half dozen websites based from there that I check every morning. This includes model and photographer up and comers as well as seasoned vets.

Once or twice a year Oscar and I make our way up north to visit family and friends, catch some local vibes and, if time allows, do a couple of sessions. I try to mix  it up with a blend of people I’ve worked with before and some new to me. Miss Elizabeth had been on my photographic radar for two years now but our schedules never jived up until this trip.

The wait was well worth it.

vivian-elizabeth-oswego-portrait-session-mark-knopp 1

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