Fashion shoot with Angelias Couture in downtown Richmond

The ultimate mix of my passions for fashion and shooting on location.

Recently I had the distinct honor and pleasure in teaming up with Angelia Cooper of Angelias Couture to do a fashion session in downtown Richmond with three amazing models.

I absolutely adore bringing someone’s creation to life. It’s one thing to see something on a mannequin in a store window but it’s a whole different thing to capture the fit on a real person. To show off it’s movement and flow. To put it in a real world context.

I try to keep my personal influences out of the image so the creation shines as it really is. Now, that isn’t to say that I won’t add to the scene by bringing in a strobe or two to add to the drama or mood if I think it’s needed. You know me better than that. Anything that I can do in that regard is on the table. But even then, if it’s not needed, I don’t do it just because I can.

When we started the session, I used a strobe as I wanted the design to stand out against the environment. It added to the mood of the creation. However, halfway through the session, we moved to a different area where the available light was mind-blowing so I turned off the strobes and ran with that. There may have been more excited exclamations and fist pumps at that point. I cannot confirm nor deny that.

I let the creations and the environment speak to me and ran with it.

Dare to be Different is my motto. Using outstanding fabrics and one of a kind designs, I have earned positive reviews. My fashions have been on the runways from Atlanta, North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington DC and Richmond VA. I am now pushing forward to New York City and one day Paris. Designing for the Classy One (male and female) I am expanding my blessings and passing my knowledge on to those with the same passion for fashion.

Even though red is my favorite color, black and white are my favorite colors when it comes to creativity.

Angelias Couture

This was easily one of the best fashion sessions I ever had the pleasure of doing. I simply cannot thank Angelias Couture, Lay, Cieralyn, and Alea enough. I’m giving a special shout-out to Frederick, Angelia’s husband, who helped me out with some trickier light set ups by making sure the light stayed in position and pointed at the models.

This was a game changer of an experience for me. A definite level up. I’m excited about what is ahead as I expand my creative abilities.

You can see more of Angelia’s designs here and here.

Model Lay’s page is here and her make-up page is here. Cieralyn’s page is here and Alea’s page is here.

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