Covering the Model Casting Call for Tim Reid’s 5th Annual Spring Cultural Fashion Showcase.

It feels great being back covering the Virginia fashion scene.

After taking last year off due to Covid, Tim Reid’s 5th Annual Spring Cultural Fashion Showcase is set to go for May 8th in Richmond, Virginia. The show, running from 5-7pm, is being held in The Renaissance at 107 West Broad Street. It will showcase 10 different international designers and 20 models showing off their creations. The event is being presented by Tim Reid Productions with Salome as it’s host and producer.

The show will observe Covid protocols so seating is limited and attendees will be required to wear masks. It will be taped live and shown as a pay-per-view event on the platform with proceeds benefiting The Legacy Media Institute some time in May.

The even held a model casting call last weekend and I had the honor to cover it. What follows are some of the images I captured during that event. Potential models did their best runway walk for a panel of judges that included Tim Reid, Salome and Letwa Gooden. Those selected will walk the show on May 8th.

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