Highlights from Tim Reid’s 5th Annual Cultural Showcase at The Renaissance in Richmond, Virginia.

After a year off due to Covid, the amazing production picked up right where the last one left off.

How do you pick? I mean, seriously. How do you pick a handful of images to showcase here when you have 578 stellar examples to pick from?

Don’t get me wrong, I did my best. I started out with 4,332 images captured during Tim Reid’s 5th Annual Cultural Showcase on May 8th at The Renaissance in Richmond. Not to mention the 200 or so I got during the fitting the night before. Through a long process of going back and forth, I selected the best examples from the nine designers at the show.

I tried to keep them consistent. One image of the model walking the catwalk in the outfit, a close up of the outfit, an image of the outfit as the model turned to and fro, and an image of the model walking away from the camera to show the back of the item in question if it had an interesting design, cut, et cetera.

But, me being me, saw some others that had an extra spark that caught my eye and had to be included. A little extra flair in the dress, an unexpected pop of color, pockets, a random glance back from the model, or a glorious pirouette.

Then there was Adriana Milan, aka ImaDjinn, who is an amazing dancer that performed three separate pieces spread throughout the show. Then there were Tim Reid and Salome Fiker (who also had a line of her designs in the show) as the hosts/emcees. Plus all the bts stuff, the red carpet shots….

It’s all a little bit overwhelming, to be honest. Now, let me be clear, everyone involved in the show has access to their images so they can post whatever and whenever they want. But its still hard for me to post only 20 or so here. Any more than that and the viewer’s attention begins to wane.

But, as a photographer, those images are my babies and no parent wants to pick some over the others.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll post 30 or so here but then I’ll post more under the Fashion Show Archives tab. That way, if you want more, you can go there and take a look.

Here are the designers, in no order, and their ig pages if you want to see more of their work:

Salome Fiker

Letwa Fashion

Bathhouse Swimwear


Tatiana Cole Designs


Sofiya Mozley

Sassy Jones

Clyopatra Couture

It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without Tim Reid of Tim Reid Productions and Legacy of a People.

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