Jessica Wilson’s amazing fashion session in Richmond.

Springtime, Jessica Wilson, and fashion photo session go hand in hand in my book.

Spring – a time of youth, growth, energy, and new things. Every one of those words can be used to describe my sessions with Jessica. I first worked with her around this time three years ago in an empty house for a fashion session. We teamed up again this time last year for another fashion session, this time in the woods. Both sessions were amazing and produced new levels of work for me.

jessica-wilson-fashion-photo-richmond 4

Now, I firmly believe that things work out at certain times for a reason. Fate stepped in just before the state went on lock-down and put us back together at the last minute. As she was in Richmond, and I hadn’t did a session there, we decided that I’d go to her and we’d do our thing in the streets of RVA.

jessica-wilson-fashion-photo-richmond 8

Now, I know I like doing things a little different. For example, when I do a fashion shoot, I don’t just want to show the outfit in static poses. If I wanted that, I’d buy a mannequin and be good to go. I like showing off how the outfit makes the wearer feel. I like showing the cut, the flow, and the vibe of the whole thing. Bring it alive with movement.

jessica-wilson-fashion-photo-richmond 10

Which is where Jessica just excels. She’s a posing ninja. She pulls moves worthy of The Matrix and I do my very best to keep up. I admit I say “Can you do that again?” too often as I wasn’t ready for her next move. She wouldn’t bat an eye and execute the same move again effortlessly.

jessica-wilson-fashion-photo-richmond 16

I mean, seriously. Jumping in heels? Repeatedly? Without a sign of effort, discomfort, or fear? That’s five stars right there.

jessica-wilson-fashion-photo-richmond 22



I, for one, am waiting for this lock-down to be done so we can create more magic.

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