Gwen’s Fashion mini-session in Hampton.

One of the most influential people on my creative path returns for a quick session.

Many moons, and websites, ago Gwen and I teamed up for the first time. She quickly became one of my most favorite people to work with. I could mark large growth spurts in my skill set after every session we did not to mention she is fun as all heck to be around. Each session resulted in something amazing.

Well, a few years ago she moved far, far away as she pursued her own path. We remained in touch, of course, and always talked about each other’s careers, what was new, et cetera. A few weeks ago she suddenly found herself back in town for a family event for a few days. You know where this was going.

gwen's-fashion-session-hampton 2

We matched schedules and found a day/time slot that worked for both of us. The only caveat was that she  wanted to spend as much time she could with family. So, this was going to be a mini session.

Obviously her time and wardrobe were limited. I reminded her that it’s never about what you wear but how you wear it and that it was never about the outfits when we worked together. It was always about her and her amazing presence in front of the camera. I mean, seriously. She belongs there, as far as I’m concerned.

gwen's-fashion-session-hampton 3

The day of the session was sunny but man, was that wind blowing. We started at the beach but decided to move to a more protected area to get out of that gusty, cold air. She, as always, was a trooper. And fearless. I suggested going to the middle of a semi-busy at street for a shot and she didn’t blink an eye. She turned and walked out there before I could even grab the strobe.

It was a whirlwind. It was amazing. We laughed and chatted between shots. We hugged often. And it was over before we knew it.

gwen's-fashion-session-hampton 5

I have no idea if/when we will team up again. Her career keeps her on the go all the time. I know this, though. If even a slim chance of us teaming up again comes in the future, I’ll drop everything to make it happen.

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