Diana Ramos’s Fashion Photoshoot at Virginia Beach’s Town Center

Fashion is our passion.

So I got a text recently. It began “Hello, my Love.” I said “I’m in”.

That’s all it takes when it comes to Diana. Whatever she wants, I’m all in. No questions and without hesitation. This time she wanted to update her portfolio with fashion images.

We agreed to meet up at Virginia Beach’s Town Center as it would offer up the style of backdrops that would be appropriate for the session. Modern urban. Higher end but still fun. The kind of place that you could dress up for but could still pull off a nice pair of jeans and a dressy shirt.

This was going to be an abbreviated session so we kept the outfits to a minimum. I trust her style and taste so I didn’t even ask what she was bringing as I knew it would work. This is what happens when you work with someone over time. You don’t have to worry about much as you trust the other implicitly.

After a long, welcoming, hug we got to work. It had been over three years since our last session but we meshed together like a well-oiled machine and starting hitting it out of the park. This was the magical zone. The vision was clear, the outfits were amazing, and the talent was second to none.

I simply cannot wait for the next “Hello, my Love”.

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