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Hope Roach’s portrait session at First Landing.

The Norfolk-based model is looking to break into the commercial and editorial market.

It is always a joy to work with someone new to the world of modeling. To watch someone start out on their journey, figure out where they fit in the modeling spectrum, and work hard towards their dream is very inspiring. Hope is on such a journey and it was my honor to work with her during our recent portrait session.

hope-roach-virginia-beach-fashion-portrait-photo 6

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Erin’s Trash the Dress photo session – Take Two.

The response to our session has simply been amazing. Also announcing Rebirth sessions and a major safety warning.

I posted images from my recent Trash the Dress photo session with Erin, along with her story, on Sunday. The response has been mind blowing. To put it simply – it has become the most viewed series on this page since it’s inception five years ago. Let me make that clear. It has THE most views/visitors on this page EVER and it’s less than four days old.

I am blown away and humbled deeply. I do not want to come across as bragging. Nor am I diminishing other posts here. Rather, I’m trying to put it into perspective.

erins-trash-the-dress-virginia-beach-PHOTO 4

More images after the break.

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Eileen is my Throwback Thursday with a twist.

Also – there’s still plenty of nice days for beach portrait sessions left in the season.

Before I get into Eileen’s inspirational story I want to take a moment to point out that there’s still time to book a outdoor portrait session. As I write this, the forecast for the day is calling for highs in the upper 80’s with the next seven days in the lower 80’s. So, if you are thinking about a portrait session outside like at the beach, contact me today.

Ok, so a little backstory about this series. Eileen and I teamed up for a beach sunrise session back in the summer of 2014. She was, and still is, a fitness enthusiast and wanted images done to document her hard work and effort. We met up one morning and created what I thought were amazing images.

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It’s that time of year.

Gearing up for another portrait season outside.

Things are finally warming up out there which means a return to outdoor sessions. Personally, I’m counting the days until I can return to the beach and other wonderful locations.

I’m also building a small studio set up at my place in case the weather won’t cooperate or a client wants studio portraits done. I’m posting an image from a test run I did here recently.

That being said here’s a reminder of just what kind of portrait sessions I offer. These can be done on location or at my place:


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Raven Johnson Part Deux.

She’s so nice, I had to photograph her twice. Some images are NSFW.

Recently I posted images from my first session with Raven Johnson on the shores of Lake Ontario. The power between us was so powerful that we decided we were going to shoot again the very next morning. We parted ways at 930 pm that night and met again at 430 on the shores of Oneida Lake for a sunrise session.

Did I mention that she lives almost 90 minutes away from Oswego where we did the sunset session? She drove 90 minutes to do that session, drove 90 minutes back home, and then climbed back into her car to make the 45 minute drive to Cicero 4 hours later?

Needless to say someone with that kind of drive is going to go exactly as far as they want in this life. I will bend over backwards to help a person like that.


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Raven Johnson’s sunset portrait session in Oswego, NY.

Some images are NSFW.

Raven Johnson. Damn. Our first session together during a sunset session on the shores of Lake Ontario was so amazing we immediately decided to get together the next morning for a sunrise session at Oneida Lake. It was that amazing.

This is a short entry as I fully plan on writing a more complete entry based on images from that magical second session. Rest assured, I will be gushing praise about this extraordinary woman for a long time.

raven-johnson-portrait-session-mark-knopp 9

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Vivian Elizabeth’s graffiti and beach portrait session in Oswego, NY.

She had been on my list of people I wanted to work with for a long time.

While I moved to Virginia eight years ago, I still keep tabs on my hometown of Oswego, NY and the surrounding communities. I have a half dozen websites based from there that I check every morning. This includes model and photographer up and comers as well as seasoned vets.

Once or twice a year Oscar and I make our way up north to visit family and friends, catch some local vibes and, if time allows, do a couple of sessions. I try to mix  it up with a blend of people I’ve worked with before and some new to me. Miss Elizabeth had been on my photographic radar for two years now but our schedules never jived up until this trip.

The wait was well worth it.

vivian-elizabeth-oswego-portrait-session-mark-knopp 1

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