Kicking off Beach Sunrise Sessions 2021 with Jessie Sprouts.

She wanted to reveal her energy for the healing audience.

Of all the locations that I can shoot at, the beach is my absolute favorite. Hands down. There’s just something about it that makes my little photographer’s heart just sing. Part of the reason why I moved here was to take advantage of the warmer weather and the amazing beaches in the area.

Now, to up my excitement more, ask me to do a sunrise session. That is the cherry on top of the sundae. The glory that is the beach during the magical hours of light, when the wind is usually the calmest, during the coolest part of the day, when most people are still home in bed…

Yes please.

So, when Jessie said she wanted to do a sunrise session recently, I was ready to rock. This was the earliest sunrise session I have done in terms of date but she said she was cool with the cooler temps. Me, being from the cold north, didn’t have a problem with it. We put our brains together and came up with a plan.

Talk about a glorious morning. There wasn’t a wisp of wind and the water was like glass at times. It was, honestly, some of the best conditions I’ve shot in.

And then Jessie stepped in front of the camera. Her natural beauty, her inner calmness, and radiant confidence just matched the environment perfectly. Pure harmony.

Now, the plan for a sunrise session is a totally different thing from a sunset session. First, we meet a good 45-60 minutes BEFORE sunrise. This is an absolute must. The clock is ticking and we need to do a few things before the sun pops up.

The model puts on an outfit, I snap a couple of pics, they do an outfit change, I snap a couple more pics. We do this with most, if not all, the outfits they brought for a couple reasons. One, I can see what they brought, how it looks on them in the scene, and then decide if/when to use them again. It also benefits the client as it helps them loosen up, get into the flow of posing, and generally helps them relax.

This way, when the magic light happens about 15 minutes before sunrise, we have a game plan in place. We know what outfits to wear against the sunrise, what poses work, the model is warmed up, and we are firing on all eight cylinders.

That is the key to making these things work.

Jessie will wrap this entry up in her own words

“My experience with Mark was revealing. Revealing in the way of his ability to capture my raw essence.

The purpose behind my photo shoot was to reveal my energy for the healing audience. My passion is people. Healing and loving all beings. I wish to take the gift I was given of unconditional love and support to others and extend it wherever possible.

Mark captured my truest self so I can expose my authenticity in just being in your skin and being present within the spirit.”

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