I almost forgot to post these.

Back last December – man that seems like a whole lifetime ago – I participated in a modeling workshop back home. It was an amazing experience. The participants got their hair and make-up done by professionals, had their sessions with me, and got to participate in various workshops throughout the day.

My contribution was to photograph the participants for a calendar that would be produced. I had about 20-25 minutes with each participant to teach them the basics of posing while getting a headshot and some general fashion” looks”.

We had two large conference rooms set up for the program. I shared one room with the hair and make-up artists. My studio space took up half of it with a huge backdrop and enough lights to capture everything from headshots to full body movements.

Here’s a bts of my set up.

What a day. It stands out as a highpoint in my 30-plus year photographic career.

I couldn’t publish the images until the calendar came out. Then I had my hiatus. So there’s been a bit of a delay in publishing them here. But here they are. Enjoy.

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