Scenes in Yorktown Saturday morning.

Getting back into landscape – both traditional and personal.

I’ve had an itch to get back into landscape photography of late. Decided to scratch it by catching up on the latest photo techniques and tech. For the later, after researching the pros and cons, I purchased a filter system from Nisi for a variety of reasons.

I got the holder system, the circular polarizer, a 6 stop ND filter, and a 3 stop reverse graduated filter. There were other filter options that I might get down the road but this seemed to be a solid place to start.


I got the system in the mail Friday afternoon and decided to take it out for a spin Saturday morning. The majority of these images are from me just trying to learn how to use it which is my backhanded way of saying I wasn’t paying too much attention on the composition.

The last image, the one with the trees and a trail, was at the end of the excursion when I was feeling more confident and was able to put more thought into the design of the image.


In hindsight I should have gotten a shot with and without the system to show you all what they bring to the mix. Maybe down the road, if there’s enough interest, I’ll put the Instructor hat back on and do it. Maybe I’ll get a gimbal system for the cell phone so I can do vidoes. Then there’s all the van conversion camping videos I’ve been watching…

For now I’m pleased with what I’m getting. Now its time to stop worrying about the gear and start working on finding worthy subjects.


And, yes, this can be used for portraiture but that’s still down the road a bit.

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