My photographic hibernation is over.

After going idle for a few months to recharge and figure out if/how I was to continue with my photography, I’m slowly getting back into creating new images.

It’s been a minute since I last posted. In fact it’s been a few minutes. However, while quiet, I was never gone. I’m still working out a few things like just how active do I want to go with this.

I decided to let the main resume site go as it did it’s job and was too formal for my style. So, for now, I’m back to posting here. The business is gone for good so now I’m just shooting what I want, when I want to, and with whom. It literally comes down to “Does this interest me?” It could be the premise, the person(s), the location, the challenge, or a combination of any and all of the above.

jessica and paul's engagement session 2

If it doesn’t ping my radar then I politely pass on it.

For example, I recently did an engagement session with Jessica and Paul, two amazing people, at NASA Langley. They met while completing their internships on center so it made perfect sense to use it as a backdrop for their photos.

I should stop here and make it clear that the center is not open to the public for such things. All three of us work there and we all went through the channels to make sure we were good to go.

jessica and paul's engagement session 7

This session ticked off several of my boxes. Most importantly it was with two wonderful, warm, friendly people who are clearly in love with each other. Secondly, we did it in a place that, as far as I know of, has never been used as such in a very long time, if ever. Then there was the challenge of capturing all of this in photos.

I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Back to Jessica and Paul. They wanted locations that meant something to them so they generated a list of possible sites and then we went through that list and picked the most important ones that we could reasonably cover in four hours. Then it was go time.

jessica and paul's engagement session 9

Mother Nature graced us with a bit of a breeze and dramatic skies, as the photos show. I love it when she does that. Clear, empty skies are just plain boring, in my opinion. Jessica and Paul were troopers, putting up with the weather, my fussing over lighting, bad jokes, et cetera.

When it was done, we knew we had something special.


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