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Brittany and Dalton’s engagement session at First Landing.

He literally went the extra mile to propose to her.

Britany and Dalton are a fun couple. They reached out to me to photograph their engagement photos but they warned me they were looking for something a little different. They had me at “different.”

I’ll let Britany explain:

I’ve loved to run since I was 14. It’s a part of my life. Dalton has always hated running and would never go with me. I attempted to get him to go with me at least once a week.

brittany-dalton-engage,ent-session-first-landing 4

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Raven Johnson’s sunset portrait session in Oswego, NY.

Some images are NSFW.

Raven Johnson. Damn. Our first session together during a sunset session on the shores of Lake Ontario was so amazing we immediately decided to get together the next morning for a sunrise session at Oneida Lake. It was that amazing.

This is a short entry as I fully plan on writing a more complete entry based on images from that magical second session. Rest assured, I will be gushing praise about this extraordinary woman for a long time.

raven-johnson-portrait-session-mark-knopp 9

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Vivian Elizabeth’s graffiti and beach portrait session in Oswego, NY.

She had been on my list of people I wanted to work with for a long time.

While I moved to Virginia eight years ago, I still keep tabs on my hometown of Oswego, NY and the surrounding communities. I have a half dozen websites based from there that I check every morning. This includes model and photographer up and comers as well as seasoned vets.

Once or twice a year Oscar and I make our way up north to visit family and friends, catch some local vibes and, if time allows, do a couple of sessions. I try to mix  it up with a blend of people I’ve worked with before and some new to me. Miss Elizabeth had been on my photographic radar for two years now but our schedules never jived up until this trip.

The wait was well worth it.

vivian-elizabeth-oswego-portrait-session-mark-knopp 1

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Justice’s Virginia Beach portrait session at First Landing.

It’s good to be home again.

So finally the weather cooperated long enough to get in a beach portrait session at my home away from home – First Landing. Justice and I have been talking about doing a session together for at least a year now, was in town for a few days from out of state. It was karma, Fate, whatever you want to call it. We took the opportunity when it came up.

Time was not our friend as she had other engagements to be at so we only had about an hour. Another factor was the limited wardrobe as she really hadn’t packed for a portrait session. Despite those issues, though, I think we rocked it out of the park.

justice-portrait-first-landing 2


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