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Cassidy Burnett’s Virginia Beach fashion shoot.

Read on to learn about The Model Experience sessions.

Cassie was one of the models who walked the catwalk during the recent Town Center Fashion Show. You can see those images here. We started communicating via social media soon after. She’s just starting out her modeling career and I’m getting back into fashion photography so it made perfect sense to team up.

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Mrs. C’s Virginia Beach fitness portrait session.

Mother Nature provided the background, Mrs. C. was the storm. Read about what got her into fitness.

Mrs. C. is a force of nature. She exudes confidence and strength. I knew I wanted to capture that essence but also the fact that she’s a beautiful woman during our recent beach portrait session on a cloudy, windy day at First Landing State Park.

My intent with every session I do is to make it all about the person in front of the lens. I want to capture their inner essence, them being them. We will set up the shot with the outfit, lighting, and such but then I pause before putting the camera to my face and ask them a question or give them a thought to work on. Then I let them loose to interpret that idea or thought.

Mrs-C-virginia-beach-portrait-session 3

“You do you.” is what I tell them. Then we go.

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Arlandra Taylor returns to the beach to celebrate her birthday.

The reasons to do a session with me are as varied as the people I work with.

Arlandra is no stranger to my camera. We have known each other since one faithful sunrise session four years ago. She was part of a group of models that worked with a group of photographers of which I was one. She stood out in my mind and I must have made a favorable impression because we started doing one on one sessions soon after.

She radiates a confidence that is second to none and she can MOVE. She makes it look so effortless as she glides from pose to pose with a million different moments in between. If I were to ever have a model workshop to teach those looking to start a career in the field, she would be on the very short list of people I want there to show the students how it’s done. She just knows how to hold herself and maintain such a strong presence.

Arlandra Taylors sunrise beach fashion beauty portrait session in Virginia Beach by Mark Knopp

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