Erin Hurley’s modeling session in central New York.

I recently had the pleasure to meet and work with Erin Hurley. Her and her mom, Judy, were interested in doing a modeling session to build up Erin’s portfolio as well as learn more about modeling, working with photographers, et cetera.

Erin is a 20 year old actor, model, and Down Syndrome advocate based near Rochester, NY.

We met via Kristin Bauer-Gross, Erin’s modeling coach. As they are based in central New York and I’m down here in Hampton Roads, we did a lot of meetings over the phone and texting to go over plans, dates, concepts, potential outfits, back up plans, and such so that when we did meet, we were solid.

As always, planning is the key to any successful photoshoot.

Everyone was firing on all eight cylinders on the day of the shoot. We started out capturing some digitals that agencies like. These are very basic photos that agents require. Every model needs them.

After they were completed, we went out and had fun capturing different lifestyle aspects. We did some “activity” shots of her rollerblading, some more headshots but this time in nature, and her interacting with nature and her mom.

During the whole time we worked she had a spark of joy in her eyes and an easy, infectious, smile. She was fearless whether it was while being on roller skates or having a lens four feet away from her face for a headshot. She’s a rare, true, natural and she rocks.

We had an amazing time going from site to site capturing a diverse collective of images. Judy and Kristin were the support team, helping with outfit changes, make-up, and hair. Erin just soaked it all up and shown like the star that she is.

You can see more of Erin and her work here

Kristin can be found here and here.

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