Amira’s fashion photo session at Yorktown Beach.

Things have gone mostly quiet on the outdoor location shoots for obvious reasons. That’s not to say that they aren’t happening, mind you. It’s just now we have to wait for those warmer fall days to come around. Which, luckily, one did recently allowing me the opportunity to work with Amira.

Amira owns Project SixKiller Performance , a gym in Norfolk. She had a batch of new merchandise come in and wanted promo shots done. Me being me, said sure but let’s add more to it and suggested a mini fashion session to maximize our efforts.  The results can be seen here.

amira-fashion-photoshoot-yorktown 11

Some news on my side. I’ve purchased new strobes and other equipment. It seems that the drive to produce new work cannot be denied. I now have the makings of a photo studio. The next step is to find a space that can be used as such. My place isn’t conducive with room layout and then there’s Neo who makes the lives of people with cat allergies miserable.

In a perfect world this space would be at least 20×30 but I can make do with 15×25. Right now I’m looking for something I can rent/reserve with the ultimate goal of getting a house with a 2 car garage that can be converted.

I shall keep you posted on that. Meanwhile let’s keep an eye out for those warmer days ahead.

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