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Mrs. C’s Virginia Beach fitness portrait session.

Mother Nature provided the background, Mrs. C. was the storm. Read about what got her into fitness.

Mrs. C. is a force of nature. She exudes confidence and strength. I knew I wanted to capture that essence but also the fact that she’s a beautiful woman during our recent beach portrait session on a cloudy, windy day at First Landing State Park.

My intent with every session I do is to make it all about the person in front of the lens. I want to capture their inner essence, them being them. We will set up the shot with the outfit, lighting, and such but then I pause before putting the camera to my face and ask them a question or give them a thought to work on. Then I let them loose to interpret that idea or thought.

Mrs-C-virginia-beach-portrait-session 3

“You do you.” is what I tell them. Then we go.

More images after the break.
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Eileen is my Throwback Thursday with a twist.

Also – there’s still plenty of nice days for beach portrait sessions left in the season.

Before I get into Eileen’s inspirational story I want to take a moment to point out that there’s still time to book a outdoor portrait session. As I write this, the forecast for the day is calling for highs in the upper 80’s with the next seven days in the lower 80’s. So, if you are thinking about a portrait session outside like at the beach, contact me today.

Ok, so a little backstory about this series. Eileen and I teamed up for a beach sunrise session back in the summer of 2014. She was, and still is, a fitness enthusiast and wanted images done to document her hard work and effort. We met up one morning and created what I thought were amazing images.

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Severine Bertret’s newest Virginia Beach fitness session.

We joined forces at First Landing State Park after her most recent competition.

Severine is no stranger to this page. We’ve teamed up several times in the past to document her hard work training for, and participating in, bikini fitness competitions. This dynamo of determination doesn’t let anything stop her from doing what she wants to do and I am privileged to work with her.

This time she had just placed 3rd in the Open Division of the Carolina Fitness Festival, made the drive to Virginia Beach, and stepped in front of my lens while still in peak condition the next day.

Severine-Bertret-virginia-beach-fitness-session 4

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Let’s rock, people.

Coming back to Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

Today is my last full day in central NY. Three weeks flew by so fast.

Heads up, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. I’m re-energized and inspired to try new ideas. I’ll be back tomorrow and ready to rock out more sunset, fitness, fashion, beauty, urban, nutrition, Power, headshots, senior portraits, couples, engagement, small weddings, bridal, maternity, baby bonding, and boudoir/nudoir sessions. I am proud and thrilled to announce the return of the popular sunRISE sessions for those looking for something different.

I also provide small group and one on one photography classes covering all aspects of the genre from a beginner wanting to learn how to take better pictures with their cell phones on up to advanced topics like lighting, sports, portraits, working on location, off-camera flash, social media and much more.

Let’s rock.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton roads community. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net for you photographic needs or for photography lessons.


A sneak peek of things to come.

It’s warming up so it’s time to head outside again.

Yes, it’s time to shake off the winter slumber and return to business. Sessions are already starting to line up in the coming weeks. Make sure to contact me today for your portrait session.

Recently I made a call to action looking for women with unusual hobbies/skills and the response has been overwhelming. I hope it continues and grows bigger. To that end I’m including an image I shot this past weekend with Li Ling Cavanaugh. This is exactly what I’m talking about but just one example.


I’m re-issuing the call to action. If you are a woman with an unusual hobby/talent/skill I want to work with you. Are you a gearhead? Talk to me. A bodybuilder or seriously into fitness? I’m yours. A member of gun club, et cetera? Here I am. I want to work with strong, 21st century women for this project.

Let it be known, though, that I’m not interested in just this project. I love working with everyone in fulfilling their photographic needs. This is just one specific project I’m working on among several.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net today for your photographic needs.

Miss S’s first sunrise fitness session at Virginia Beach.

The restart of her fitness journey.

Miss S. and I have been friends for some time now. We did a mini-fashion session back in the spring that went really well. We’ve chatted a few times about doing a sunrise fitness session from time to time but there was always something that got in the way like conflicting schedules. Until recently.

Miss S. is a member of the fitness community, as the title suggests. She has been involved in the lifestyle for a while and was a fitness competitor until recently. While she has hung up her posing bikini, she’s still active as a trainer. Which brings us to the reason for this session.

Miss S sunrise fitness session in virginia beach

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Miss Carter’s recent Virginia Beach sunrise fitness photo session.

Summer’s wrapping up which means so will the beach sessions for another year.

When I took my dog Oscar out for a walk this morning, I noticed a slight drop in temperature. Not cold, mind you, but a noticeable drop. Granted, after weeks of 95 degree weather, a dip into the low 80’s always seems a bit chilly but still. A look at the calendar made me realize that there are not many days left in this summer.

miss carter's recent virginia beach sunrise fitness photo session

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