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Cassidy Burnett’s Virginia Beach fashion shoot.

Read on to learn about The Model Experience sessions.

Cassie was one of the models who walked the catwalk during the recent Town Center Fashion Show. You can see those images here. We started communicating via social media soon after. She’s just starting out her modeling career and I’m getting back into fashion photography so it made perfect sense to team up.

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Anna’s recent beach portrait session at First Landing State Park

She came as an assistant to a previous session, saw what it was all about, and wanted one of her own. Welcome to The Model Experience.

There seems to be a misconception that I only work with models. Nothing can be further than the truth. I work with anyone who voices an interest in a session. Sometimes it would be with a model, yes, but the vast majority of the time I work with everyday people. People that just wanted some nice pictures done of themselves for various reasons.

It is my job, however, to bring out their best features and make them shine – to make everyone look like they could be models. I think that’s where the confusion occurs. I like to call this The Model Experience. In this kind of session the person gets to experience what it’s like to be a model. They get doted on, pampered, and generally get treated like they are the center of the universe during their session. After it’s over they also have awesome images to show to family and friends.

anna's-first-landing-portrait-session 7

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