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Jessica Magary’s recent beach portrait session in Virginia Beach.

Two milestones achieved in one epic session.

When one gets a new camera and wants to kick off version 3.0 of your photographic career the right way, there was only one logical choice for a subject and location. Jessica Magary on the beach. It’s almost impossible to match up schedules, but when we do, it’s glorious.

As one famous movie character once said “We goes along like peas and carrots.” You can see images from several previous sessions on this page by using the search feature.

jessica-magary-sunrise-virginia-beach 3

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It’s almost time.

The return of sunrise sessions in Virginia Beach.

I was walking my dog just now and realized that, for the first time this year, it would have been a glorious morning for a sunrise session. The air was warm and the sky was dynamic. I love working at the beach but I simply am crazy about sunrise sessions.

Now, you know me. I love doing portrait sessions at the beach. There are so many different “looks” we can achieve there. Then we cap off the session by using the sunset as a background for some truly stunning portraits.

So what’s the difference between a sunset portrait session and a sunrise portrait session? Let me explain.


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Kristin Smith’s amazing sunrise beach session in Virginia Beach.

Preparation and mindset are the keys to any successful photo session.

So many things are swirling around in my head right now as I try to write this entry about my session with Kristin Smith. She was amazing. Stunning. Graceful. Gregarious.

But I have to be careful as I don’t want to set this up as a rare occurrence with a one-in-a-million kind of person. Which she is, don’t get me wrong. But the reason why this session was such a success was because we both came prepared.

kristin-smith-sunrise-beach-session-mark-knopp 18

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Raven Johnson Part Deux.

She’s so nice, I had to photograph her twice. Some images are NSFW.

Recently I posted images from my first session with Raven Johnson on the shores of Lake Ontario. The power between us was so powerful that we decided we were going to shoot again the very next morning. We parted ways at 930 pm that night and met again at 430 on the shores of Oneida Lake for a sunrise session.

Did I mention that she lives almost 90 minutes away from Oswego where we did the sunset session? She drove 90 minutes to do that session, drove 90 minutes back home, and then climbed back into her car to make the 45 minute drive to Cicero 4 hours later?

Needless to say someone with that kind of drive is going to go exactly as far as they want in this life. I will bend over backwards to help a person like that.


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Opinions please

What do you think about this image? Leave a comment.

gwen cruz virginia beach sunrise portrait session

Tiffany’s sunrise session at Virginia Beach

I recently met Tiffany during a beach sunrise photography session with another client. She was a friend of the client and wanted to try her hand at it. We worked out a system where, when one was in front of the camera, the other was doing an outfit change, assisting with the lights, etc. Needless to say the session went really well and I really enjoyed working with them.

tiff sunrise virginia beach 5

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