Pool-side Photo Session with CC Smalls.

Thanks to the Swimply app, we were able to rent a pool for a photoshoot.

A big thing I love about doing what I do is that there’s always something new to try. New gear, a new editing technique, new styles to explore, new people to work with, et cetera. You have to stay current to stay on top of your game.

So, when CC Smalls and I were making plans for our most recent session, she brought up the idea of renting a local, private, swimming pool through the Swimply app. I had never heard of it but, it being the 21st Century, I shouldn’t have been surprised. She found a pool on this side of the HRBT that she booked for 2 and a half hours.

We were blown away by what what we found. The pool was beautiful but there was an outside port-a-potty so we didn’t have to go into the house. There was a firepit that we didn’t use this time but definitely will next time. There was furniture and toys that could be used. This one had a high fence for a respectful amount of privacy from the neighbors. The owners were very cool and didn’t interrupt us once. They checked us in and watched us leave while sitting on their front porch. In short, it was perfect.

Now, let me say this. Not every pool has these amenities so make sure you check out what comes with each one.

The shoot was, of course, mind blowing. CC was stunning and a blast to work with. She brought her inflatable pool unicorn which added that special amount of whimsy. We moved from outfit to outfit getting new to me images all the time as I never worked near a pool.

Ok, I got to be honest, I spent the entire time IN the pool. You know me, I can’t resist the siren song of water. No one should be surprised.

The benefits of shooting in a pool far outstripped shooting at the ocean. No rogue waves, no unseen critters scurrying across your feet, no long walks to and from the waterfront lugging 50 pounds of gear, no sand in every crevice…you get the point.

It was one of the most productive “beach” shoots I’ve ever done. The ratio of prep/tear down to actual shooting was heavy tilted to shooting. All my gear was waiting just within reach on the edge.

I can’t wait to do it again.

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