Jennifer Pascual’s return to the beach.

We had so much fun the first time that we had to do it again. The results show it.

Sometimes a session goes so well, you can’t wait to do another one. Such was the case with Jennifer Pascual. She’s an up and coming model based in Virginia Beach. She’s currently in New York City working Fashion Week and working with photographers up there as I type this.

We teamed up for her first ever beach session earlier in the season. During a review of the images we discussed what worked and what could be worked on in terms of posing, et cetera, to do better next time. This woman wants to be tops in her craft and is like a sponge, absorbing as much information as she can get to improve.

jennifer-pascual-second-beach-session-mark-knopp 7

She got so excited that we agreed to go again as soon as time permitted. I think the images show a marked improvement. I’m not saying she was bad. Not at all. I’m saying she did well the first time and did better the second time. She took the input given and raised her game.

That’s the beauty of this business. Doing it once is great. However, the second time is always, ALWAYS better. The client is more relaxed the next time as they know what to expect and there’s a level of trust already established between them and me. They have seen what worked well the last time and then build upon it for the next time. They know the poses, they know what looks good on them, and they can enjoy the session more knowing these new images will be better.

On the flip side I am right there with them. I know what angles look best, what outfits flatter them more, what lighting is needed to bring things out more. Plus, I can move around more freely and explore more and bring out more unique “looks.”

Doing a session will result in great images. Doing a second session will result in greater images. Just imagine what a third or fourth session will result in.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at for your portrait needs, if you would like to learn more about photography, or about modeling.

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