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Erin’s Trash the Dress photo session – Take Two.

The response to our session has simply been amazing. Also announcing Rebirth sessions and a major safety warning.

I posted images from my recent Trash the Dress photo session with Erin, along with her story, on Sunday. The response has been mind blowing. To put it simply – it has become the most viewed series on this page since it’s inception five years ago. Let me make that clear. It has THE most views/visitors on this page EVER and it’s less than four days old.

I am blown away and humbled deeply. I do not want to come across as bragging. Nor am I diminishing other posts here. Rather, I’m trying to put it into perspective.

erins-trash-the-dress-virginia-beach-PHOTO 4

More images after the break.

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Erin’s Trash the Dress session at the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

The rebirth of Erin, in her own words.

I’m turning this over to her so she can tell you about our Trash the Dress photo session.

My name is Erin, I’m 32, and am going through a divorce. With that being said, the split has been very amicable and we still remain good friends. However, people don’t get divorced for no reason and I had some feelings about it. Our wedding was exactly what I wanted, and so was the DRESS. I hadn’t even gotten it all the way on at the bridal shop and knew it was the one. But life happens and here we are.

I had heard of the trash the dress concept years ago, and loved it but had honestly forgotten about it. That was until my best friend, who also just got divorced, sent me some pictures of other women’s experiences and I knew it had to happen. My mind went straight to Mark, who I’ve known for years. There was no one else for the job, and he didn’t hesitate when I asked. It was meant to be.

erins-trash-the-dress-virginia-beach 5

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Arlandra Taylor returns to the beach to celebrate her birthday.

The reasons to do a session with me are as varied as the people I work with.

Arlandra is no stranger to my camera. We have known each other since one faithful sunrise session four years ago. She was part of a group of models that worked with a group of photographers of which I was one. She stood out in my mind and I must have made a favorable impression because we started doing one on one sessions soon after.

She radiates a confidence that is second to none and she can MOVE. She makes it look so effortless as she glides from pose to pose with a million different moments in between. If I were to ever have a model workshop to teach those looking to start a career in the field, she would be on the very short list of people I want there to show the students how it’s done. She just knows how to hold herself and maintain such a strong presence.

Arlandra Taylors sunrise beach fashion beauty portrait session in Virginia Beach by Mark Knopp

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Jollene Gavazzi’s session

_DSC1666s _DSC1729s _DSC1846s _DSC1885s _DSC1908s _DSC2166s

Here’s images from Jollene Gavazzi’s session that was done while I was visiting upstate New York last month. She drove 90 minutes to do a shoot with me, sat on a dirty, smelly floor while in a wedding dress, got into the chilly waters of Lake Ontario, and then made the 90 mile return trip back home. All of that while dealing with mosquitos with nary a complaint and was very open to suggestions. She is the epitome of a true model

Sorry for the lack of updating


I know, I know. I’ve broken the cardinal rule about regular blog updating these past few weeks. Needless to say I’m still alive and shooting. It’s been crazy and I’m just now getting my feet back underneath me.