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Today I say good bye and thank you to an old friend.

It was a fabulous five year run with my Nikon D7000. Now let’s say hello to the D750.

Way back in June of 2012 I bought a Nikon D7000 to replace my aging D70. That camera went on to a new life with a great friend. Not one to enter into a new thing timidly, I immediately put the new camera to the test by shooting another great friend’s wedding the next week.

Talk about a trial by fire.

Well, here we are, 186,176 shutter actuations later which averages out to over 700 images a week, by the way. That’s a remarkable amount of pictures.

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Fitness Photography

This is Whitney, a fitness fan, from a recent shoot at First Landing State Park. I’m posting this to promote my Fitness Photography section as I’m looking for anyone who participates in a fitness regime. I’m not just looking for bodybuilders but also those that participate in Cross-fit, Yoga, dance, pole, hula hoop, running, tri-athletes, etc.