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Today I say good bye and thank you to an old friend.

It was a fabulous five year run with my Nikon D7000. Now let’s say hello to the D750.

Way back in June of 2012 I bought a Nikon D7000 to replace my aging D70. That camera went on to a new life with a great friend. Not one to enter into a new thing timidly, I immediately put the new camera to the test by shooting another great friend’s wedding the next week.

Talk about a trial by fire.

Well, here we are, 186,176 shutter actuations later which averages out to over 700 images a week, by the way. That’s a remarkable amount of pictures.

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Still looking for the perfect gift for a friend or yourself?

How about the gift of photography lessons?

Tis the season, my friends. People scrambling around, fighting traffic, standing in long lines at the check-out lines, et cetera. All for something that might not fit or they might already have two or three of.

Might I offer up a suggestion that would never be returned and can be used for a lifetime? I’m talking about the gift of photography lessons. I am a professional photographer with almost 30 years of experience in most fields of photography. I’m also a college photography instructor with over nine years of teaching experience at two and four year institutions. I also offer private, one-on-one lessons.

I teach everything from how to get better images from your cell phone, intro to photography, photo composition, gear, basic lighting, et cetera. We then move up the scale up through special topics like working on location, sports/action, wedding, nature/ladscape photography, portraits, advanced lighting techniques, food, table-top product, working with models, off-camera flash, and such.


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Taylor Wicks portrait session in Oswego, New York.

What is a photo “test” session?

One of the things I look forward to when I visit my hometown of Oswego, NY is working with new people as well as veterans. During my recent visit I was contacted by Taylor Wicks who worked with me once before during a previous winter visit. This time she wanted to do a session where we didn’t have to wear 3 layers of clothes and walk through a foot of snow.

During our pre-session discussion she expressed her desire to try a modeling “test” session to see if she wanted to pursue a future in the business. Knowing that, we decided to try several different looks in various locations to get as many different “looks” in the short time we had together.

Taylor Wicks portrait session in Oswego New York by Mark Knopp

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