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Karen and Lilly’s mother baby bonding session

The two shared some time with me during the hectic holiday season.

Things have a way of sneaking up on you and surprising you. Take my recent foray into baby bonding sessions, for example. It was a nice way to extend my skills while providing beautiful images to new moms and their babies. Something that captures their new, deep relationship and preserves it for all time.

Well, imagine my surprise when I googled baby bonding sessions to get more ideas for images before Karen and Lilly’s arrival for their session. My images were the top google search results.

karens-mother-baby-bonding-photo-session 3

I was, quite honestly, shocked. In a good way, mind you. In a very good way. I just didn’t expect it. It made me feel as though I’ve actually hit upon something meaningful.

Now, to be fair, I don’t care where the images end up on a search result. I get a very deep satisfaction capturing these intimate little moments so I will continue on regardless. The quest for better images never ends so I will continue to hone my skills in this genre.

karens-mother-baby-bonding-photo-session 2

Karen and Lilly share the same intense blue eyes. The moment I saw them I knew there had to be a yellow background to make them pop more. It definitely was time for the curtain of lights. Then it was time to get closer and explore the relationship. The two did their thing while I moved about, as unobtrusive as possible, looking for the connections, the reactions, the smiles, and the love.

I hope to continue on with the genre and develop it more in my new community. Maybe someday I’ll get Karen, and the others I’ve worked with so far, to come down for a visit and another session. Let’s hope so.

Mark Knopp is a Clearwater-based portrait and fashion photographer covering the Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg community and beyond. Contact him at mknopp(at)brighthouse.com to book your session today.

Rebecca and Bjorn’s bonding session.

My first mom and newborn (newBjorn?) session.

Well, there’s so many “firsts” in this session. Up until this point my experience with babies has been limited to my nieces and their children. Which they were wonderful to work with, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a whole different level when someone outside your family approaches you for a session.

Rebecca and Bjorn's bonding session

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Amy and Carl’s Wedding Day

Sincere Wedding at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia

Amy and Carl asked me to photograph their big day at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia a couple weeks ago. Given that I’ve worked with them before and think they are wonderful people to be with I knew it would be a blast to be part of and said yes without hesitation. I wasn’t disappointed.

The new couple

The new couple

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A beach portrait session with Brandy Gaede.

Brandy’s portrait session at First Landing State Park.

Brandy and I have been discussing getting together for a session for a couple of months. This past Sunday the stars aligned and we were able to join forces for a sunset shoot.

One of the reasons why I love working at the local beaches is that there are numerous backdrops to shoot against in a small area. For example – one look at Brandy’s magnificent green eyes and I knew I had to get her against some greenery. So, we sought out a location that would provide the needed hues. We worked there for some time trying different angles and perspectives that really accentuated her lovely face.

Brandy Gaede beach portrait session at First Landing State Park 13 Brandy Gaede beach portrait session at First Landing State Park 14

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