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Kristin Bauer is my WCW for today.

You know the saying about the right people will show up in your life exactly when you need them? Kristin is one of those people.

We are going back to the beginning of my portrait career for this one. I won’t mention how long we’ve known each other but it’s been a while. I was a newbie to the game, a babe in the woods. I didn’t know what I wanted or how to do a thing. I just knew I wanted to be a portrait photographer.

She was a known NYC runway and fashion model who, from what I can tell, took pity on me as I had nothing to offer her in terms of quality images. She was born and raised in my area and would come home to visit from time to time. We linked up whenever she did.


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Kristin Bauer’s Health Coach fitness session.

The trick to doing this job well is to make it look like anyone can do it when really only you can do it.

I would say that the biggest challenge any professional photographer faces today is the thought that anyone with a camera, hell a cell phone camera even, can do our job just as well as those that have been doing it for many years. So many people look at our work, think it’s easy to get the same results, and don’t hire a pro.

Now, this is not an entry where I bash those with cell phone cameras or do it for fun on the weekends. Not at all. Heck, I even offer photo classes where people can learn how to get better images from the cell phones or point and shoots.

This is, however, an entry to show that there is a lot more that goes into a “simple” photo session. Let me take you on a rare, behind the scenes, look into my world behind the camera.



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Kristin Bauer is today’s #TBT

This central New York model was instrumental in making me who I am today as a portrait photographer.

There are those that, if they get to you early enough in your life, can mold and shape you into a better, stronger self. Kristin is one of those people. Because of her, i am what i am today in terms of who i am, how I work and my style.

We met up just as I decided to become a portrait photographer. I knew what I wanted to do and I had a good grasp of the photographic basics but I was terribly inexperienced when it came to working with people. In fact I had practically no experience in the matter whatsoever. I was the proverbial babe lost in the woods.

Kristin Bauer sunset oswego

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