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Anita’s baby bonding photo session with Lilyana.

It is one of the greatest honors and joys to photograph the relationship between a mother and her child.

Ok, this might throw some of you for a curve but I love photographing the relationship between a mother and her baby. There is something so Zen-like about it to me. The lighting is simple, the posing is all natural so no direction is needed. I just move around the pair and photograph those tender, special, sometimes funny, always satisfying moments they share as they strengthen their bond together.

anitas-mother-baby-bonding-photo session 1

Yes, there will be soiled diapers. Yes, there will be “woopsies” after a feeding. Doesn’t even phase me. I actually think the faces both make after one of those moments is priceless. It’s all about them and their relationship. The contact, the gazes, the snuggles. The fleeting moments captured and to be cherished forever.

There is something special that happens when a mother feeds her baby. They both share a moment of peace as the little one grabs a finger and catches mom’s eye. Bottle, breast, or a combination of both, feeding time is bonding time. These are moments to savor and moments to preserve.

Anita and her precious four month old allowed me the honor to photograph such moments. For a few moments the world of a new mom was put aside and it was just the two of them enjoying some quiet time.

anitas-mother-baby-bonding-photo session 12

This session just felt easy and natural thanks to Mark and the ease he brings to his sessions. These photographs are exactly what I feel in my soul when I tend to my babe… an indescribable, tender love. These images capture that tenderness and the softness of mother and baby bond so perfectly. These sweet moments are so fleeting, and it is so special to me to see them captured so beautifully. They will be treasured forever. – Anita

Mark Knopp is, for now, a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton roads community and beyond. Contact him today at mknopp1(at)cox.net to book your session while he’s still here.

Here we are, squarely in the Quiet Season, but I’m still busy.

What’s been going on and what’s coming up.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve added anything here. It’s the down time of the year for photographers in this area. The weather outside has turned cold which limits anything down outside. Christmas is over so everyone has their fill of portraits and such. Valentine’s Day is upon us so the boudoir season is also winding down which means the demand for those images will be decreasing.

But that’s not to say that I’ve been idle. I’ve recently bought a video camera so I can hold Skype lessons with those that are interested in photography and modeling. I’m also working on weekly clips of five minutes or less about various topics in the business. I will add links here on this page to the relevant videos but all of them will be hosted on my own YouTube page if you want to see them all.

I’ve been updating my Facebook business page not to mention slowly updating my blog pages by deleting old images, streamlining things, unifying a consistent look to them, et cetera.

But that’s not the biggest news.

Rebecca and Bjorn's bonding session

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