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Jinelle’s portrait session at First Landing.

Conformity is the enemy.

I have known Jinelle for a while now. She’s a fashion model in the local scene but I know her as she was part of my Power project over a year ago. We’ve remained in contact since then. She is a budding photography enthusiast and has been taking lessons to improve her imagery and editing skills.

She is a Renaissance woman. She works on her own truck, does woodworking, and goes camping almost every weekend among other things. She’s also, at almost six feet tall and in great shape, a classic beauty. There is no doubt in my mind that, if she was alive at the time, she would have been a model for a sculptor like Michelangelo.


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Thoughtful Thursday 10152015.

Doing a little homework, trusting your gut, and stand your ground when it comes to your safety.

Today’s thought isn’t a pleasant one. It is, in fact, one of the deepest, darkest “secrets” about this business. Today I want to talk about photographers that try to push models/clients into doing things they don’t want to do. I want to talk about it as recent sessions have shown me that it is still happening, why models/clients should be aware of it and what they should do if they come face to face to it.

Now, before we go further, I am all about ethics and keeping it above board. I am a firm believer that a photographer should remain hands off when it comes to the people in front of their lenses. I treat the people working with me with respect, honor and certainly have no hidden agendas.

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Carrie Ellis’s first beach session at First Landing – Part I.

Communication and outfits are key elements to the success of a session.

Carrie Ellis is a Virginia Beach-based newcomer to the world of modeling. She contacted me recently to do a portfolio-building session. As I love working with those in the modeling scene I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

As meeting up prior to the session would be impossible we communicated through texting and social media. I can’t tell you how glad I am that we live in this day and age where this is a viable option. While I much prefer a face-to-face for several reasons, I’m glad to have this option as an alternative. The more we communicate before a session, the clearer the vision of the session becomes, and the more successful the final results will be.

The first thing I always establish with someone looking to do a session is that, while I shoot most everything, I always work within the client’s comfort zone. What we shoot is really up to them. They are in control of everything. They decide what we shoot, where we shoot, when we shoot, who sees the final images, et cetera. They are always in control and have the final say in everything.


Carrie Ellis sporting a white bikini in the dune grass of First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.

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Molly’s senior portraits at First Landing State Park.

The creation of Redux sessions.

Molly came to me recently with a request that was new to me. She wanted to get some senior pictures done, it seemed. That in itself wasn’t odd. What was unusual was the fact that she has been out of high school for two years now.

She graduated when she was 16, she told me, and never had them done. She was always busy and never had the time. Now she’s a junior at a four year college but still wanted something done to commemorate the occasion. She had a spot of time before heading back to start the new semester and reached out to me.


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My first session with the stunning DeeAna Barilics.

Working with the Virginia Beach model and how my sessions typically go.

DeeAna and I recently teamed up to do a beach portrait session at First Landing in Virginia Beach. She is a local model figuratively getting her feet wet in the scene which means it’s only fitting that she get her feet wet literally with me. A beach session gave us several different “looks” that she could add to her portfolio.

People ask me why I like starting some time before sunset for these sessions. The answer is simple for a variety of reasons.

DeeAna Barilics First Landing portrait session Mark Knopp

DeeAna Barilic’s recent portrait session at First Landing State Park by Mark Knopp

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