Brittany and Dalton’s engagement session at First Landing.

He literally went the extra mile to propose to her.

Britany and Dalton are a fun couple. They reached out to me to photograph their engagement photos but they warned me they were looking for something a little different. They had me at “different.”

I’ll let Britany explain:

I’ve loved to run since I was 14. It’s a part of my life. Dalton has always hated running and would never go with me. I attempted to get him to go with me at least once a week.

brittany-dalton-engage,ent-session-first-landing 4

Well one day he agreed. We were on the trails at First Landing State Park. I love that place. He proposed while doing something I love doing and he knew that would mean a lot to me.

Well, heck, who wouldn’t like someone like that?

So I agreed. Then the “different” part kicked in. She warned me their running outfits were going to be a little…non-regulation but to trust her, she had a plan. You can see them in the images from the first half, in the woods.

Again, I’ll let her explain:

“The 80’s outfits were just for fun. They were a reminder to not take everything so seriously, how much color he’s brought into my life, and a reminder that I better enjoy it because this may be the last time he will run with me! Lol”

Well, we played around on the trails before switching gears and hitting the beach at sunset for the second half of the session.

It was a blast working with them. They left the state for Texas soon after our session was done. It is my most sincere desire to work with them again if they ever find themselves in the area.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia-Beach-based portrait photographer and teacher that covers the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him today at mknopp1(at) for all your photographic needs.


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