A sneak peek into what’s in the works and my upcoming trip to Upstate NY.

I’ll be home and looking to do photo sessions from June 27 until July 8th.

It’s been a crazy, crazy past few weeks with both shooting my normal stuff and images for my “Power” project. I’ve been a bit naughty in not keeping this as up to date as I should have. Forgive me.

I want to take a moment to let my upstate NY people know that I’ve already sat down and written out my availability calendar to plan sessions with while I’m up there.

As of right now I will only be shooting from June 27th until July 8th. Spots are already being filled. July 2nd at sunset is booked, all day the 3rd, as is the 4th at sunrise. Other days will be taken off the availability list as soon as I lean about family gatherings and such.


Contact me today if you’d like a solo (standard, senior, boudoir, bridal, beach/swim, business head shot, etc.), couples, or family portrait session. This is open to men and women. While I can shoot at any time of day, the prime spots are easily sunrise and sunset and go the quickest. These sessions will be held on location or at your place.

I will also be looking to capture a few subjects for the “power” project. As these images are for my project there is no charge for them. They are typically less than 30 minutes with no special hair, make-up or wardrobe. So, if you think you’d like a shot at that, or know someone that should, contact me asap.

I can’t stress this enough – This has to be a cash positive trip. I’m taking a cut on hours at work again and will need every penny to get through the next 12 weeks.

As promised here is a sneak peek at works you’ll be seeing more of soon. They are a combination of regular sessions and “Power” sessions.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer who covers the Hampton Roads community. He occasionally visits his hometown of Oswego, NY. Contact him today for all your portrait needs at mknopp1@cox.net



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