I need your help.

I’m looking for volunteers for a photo project I’m working on.

The working title is (un)Conventional Women. It’s going to be a photo essay of women in “unconventional” roles. I want to photograph women who can, and do, work on their own cars, shoot guns, ride motorcycles, work construction, female bodybuilders and such. I also want to photograph those that blur gender/sex roles as well as those that have stayed at home.

They will not be made up or pretend. I don’t want to take a picture of a woman standing by a car. I want images of the woman who works on her own car in front of, beside, inside, under the hood, et cetera. This is not geared towards sexing anyone up or shooting cheesecake. These will be straight on images of the women in their environment.

Shooting these images will not take an extended amount of time to capture as I’m looking for a photojournalistic style, not glamour/beauty. I’m thinking a session, with planning, can be done in under an hour.

Please contact me immediately if you would like to participate or know someone that fits the bill for an image. My email is mknopp1@cox.net or drop me a line on Facebook. This is time sensitive as I need it done ASAP.

Thank you;



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