Spring has sprung, despite the snow yesterday.

Making plans for the upcoming season. Join me and be part of them.

As I sit here on this chilly Sunday morning I can’t help but look at the calendar and see what lies ahead. It’s mid April and, despite what the current thermometer reading says, I get warm in anticipation of returning outdoors more regularly for sessions.

It’s spring. It’s time to solidify our roots so that we can grow taller and bloom. It’s time for new growth. It’s time to push outwards and expand. New growth promotes more energy production which fuels even more growth down the road.

ryann s. fashion session

Yes, I’ll be returning to the streets of Norfolk. Yes, I will most certainly be returning to the beach. But I will also be trying out new locations and “looks.” I’ll be seeking out new and different people to work with. People that bring their own vibe to the session. People and things that force me out of my safety zone, into new, unfamiliar waters.

Two years ago I expanded into fitness and boudoir. At the time fitness was virtually untouched in the area and boudoir had a couple of solid mainstays but my look was different from theirs. Now everyone and their brother/sister shoots both. I have no plans to leave those arenas and fully welcome those that have joined the party. My work in both genres remains unique but I will further refine them and take them to the next level in the coming weeks and months.

That being said, I want to find new avenues to explore. Areas that are still relatively untouched. Genres that are untapped. Venues that I can provide my way of seeing or doing things for. The 21st Century Woman project is one such area. Others will come along. Things that, in all honesty, I haven’t even thought of yet.

I always find that I generate more ideas and concepts while I’m actually out shooting something else. I may see something – a new location or outfit or subject matter – at any time during a standard portrait session. Those nuggets percolate in my brain, never forgotten, until I get enough together to go out and actually shoot it. This becomes a platform for even more shoots in that vein.

Shooting begets ideas which promotes more shooting. Growth = Expansion = More growth.

So, help me out. Let me know of any ideas you might have in terms of concepts, locations, et cetera. Then let’s go shoot them. You don’t even have to have an idea. Let’s just go shoot something somewhere. That would be very helpful. Either way, let’s shoot. Let’s start a journey together.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today for Senior Portraits, Engagement Sessions, Model Portfolios, Couples, Individual Sessions, Fashion, Beauty, Headshot, Commercial. and Fitness Sessions at mknopp1@cox.net.





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