A call to action.

I have an idea on a project I want to work on.

I’m sending out a call to women everywhere that have a hobby/talent that is non-standard. If you have a car/truck that you work on – I want to photograph you. If you are a member of an all-female gun club – I want to photograph you. If you powerlift, work/ride motorcycles, do woodworking, et cetera, – I want to photograph you. I hate when someone takes an obvious model, smear some grease on her face, put her in a bikini front of a car and pretend. I want the real thing. Contact me ASAP here or at mknopp1@cox.net so we can get rolling.

Also – I’m looking into shooting apparel/clothing lines so if you know of someone looking for those kinds of images – let me know.

lexi's fitness session in norfolk virginia 4

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer that covers the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net for your photographic needs.


2 thoughts on “A call to action.

  1. Too bad you’re where you are! We have a niece who’s a nerdy 17 year old motorhead, has been rebuilding a Camaro. She lives in northern Colorado.

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