And now, time for something completely different.

I get asked all the time if I do other forms of photography other than portraits.

Yes, most certainly. As this blog is geared for my portrait business it makes perfect sense to showcase just that avenue of work here. But there are other worlds that I like to explore. Portraits feed my soul, there  no doubt. However, like eating just one thing, no matter how wonderful it is, having just that one thing all the time would kill a person. In this case, artistically.

So I have other avenues that I work in to re-center myself. They keep me fresh, energized and they break up the routine. Flowers are one thing, landscapes another. My deepest roots go back to photojournalism – working at newspapers to cover events. That has fallen to the way-side but I still enjoy covering events like sports and such.

Another thing that brings me peace is shooting artwork for other artists. Let me explain. Artists like painters and sculptors create their body of work. I come into their art space and document their work for their own records, for them to use to enter art shows, submit to gallery curators, et cetera.

deale 1

It sounds simple enough but I assure you the devil is in the details. But then, I’ve always been up for a challenge. I start by shooting the whole and then go in and find the little moments within the whole like little icons, symbols, textures and other techniques.

Some would call me crazy, and some have, but I find the process meditative. I like delving into someone else’s mind, via their artwork, and teasing out elements. Art is more about the artist than the subject so I come out of the process knowing that person on a deeper level. This makes me a better artist and, more importantly, a better person.

Deale Hutton is someone that I work with on a regular basis. She’s based up near my hometown and I always try to meet up with her while I’m up there. We’re two peas in a pod in a lot of ways but she’s never been afraid to shoot straight with me when it comes to my work and I to hers.

Here is her artist bio:

Deale Hutton is originally from Minneapolis and moved to Denver in the 1970’s where she attended Regis University. In the 1980’s she moved to Fair Haven, NY and became a librarian at a middle school.

Deale became interested in weaving and spinning and took evening drawing and painting courses at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester. She fell in love with art and left teaching. She received a BFA from SUNY Oswego and went on to complete her MFA at RIT in 2003. She is a retired Art Librarian and curator for Penfield Library at SUNY Oswego.

Deale is a full-time artist. A painter and sculptor, Deale’s work focuses on transformation. The work is expressionistic, surrealist in content and includes representational and abstract elements. She paints predominately in oils and sculpts in wax, copper and stone.

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