Throwback Thursday for December 10.

Today we’re going sailing with the beautiful Jessica Magary.

Any time I get a chance to do something different I’ll jump. When the opportunity came up to do a photography class on a sailboat, I practically leaped out of my skin. Having the divine Jessica Magary come aboard was the proverbial icing on my cake.

So, after taking two different kinds of motion sickness pills and chowing down ginger snaps, we all climbed aboard and cast off. The class broke down into smaller groups and worked several different scenarios with me acting as a consultant. They were getting great images.

I had one image in my head that I wanted to try. So, after everyone had their fill, I ventured out to the prow of the boat and laid down. Jessica and fellow model Dameon Rhoades  got into position. Once everything was right, everyone not being used went below deck or ducked so they wouldn’t be in the background.

The result is what you see here. A special shout out goes to Donna DeSteph for allowing a bunch of land lubbers aboard her fine vessel.

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting a new set of images from a recent session tomorrow.




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